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About Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the time to celebrate Mom and endlessly thank her for the hours spent putting up with our antics throughout the years.

The holiday is observed on different dates around the world but is commonly celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Origins of the holiday can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held festivals for the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Today, mothers traditionally receive flowers, breakfast in bed and gifts like jewelry and chocolates.

No matter what you're buying, make Mother's Day extra special by shopping from international retailers. It's easy to buy something unique from stores in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and Europe just by using your Express Delivery, LLC international forwarding addresses.

Shopping for Mother's Day: Deals to Expect

The first step in Mother's Day shopping is knowing what to look for. Here are some Mother's Day gifts you could find discounted this month.

  • Designer Clothing and Accessories

    In the days leading up to Mother's Day, you'll see discounts from some of Mom's favorite designers. Retailers like Michael Kors, Nordstrom and Coach could drop prices on apparel and accessories as much as 70%. Mom will be impressed with her new handbag, and you'll score points for looking like you paid a ton of money for it.

  • Jewelry and Watches

    You'll see sales on jewelry for Mom, but buy early for the best savings. Retailers tend to offer higher prices closer to the holiday. Check out places like Amazon and Overstock.

  • Beauty Gift Sets

    Beauty sets are perfect for Mother's Day because Mom gets multiple products in one gift. They're also a great money-saver because gift sets tend to cost much less than buying everything separately. Some even come with extras such as makeup pouches or brushes. Visit retailers like Macy's or Amazon for options.

Snapshot of 2016 Mother's Day Sales

It's best to buy early for Mother's Day. Sales will be available in the days leading up to the holiday, but you'll also see deals on the holiday weekend. These were some of the sales available Mother's Day weekend last year.

How did Express Delivery, LLC Customers Shop Mother's Day Last Year?

Here's what customers shipped to the Express Delivery, LLC hub around Mother's Day 2016.

Top 10 Products
  • 27%

    Health and Beauty Products

  • 14%


  • 12%

    T-Shirts and Tops, Men and Women

  • 11%

    Cell Phone Accessories

  • 7%

    Jewelry and Watches

  • 7%


  • 7%

    Shoes, Men and Women

  • 6%

    Dietary Supplements

  • 5%

    Baby Clothing and Accessories

  • 4%


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How to Save on International Shipping Mother's Day 2017

Spend time looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, not worrying about international shipping. Here are some ways Express Delivery, LLC can help you enjoy savings and stress-free delivery on your Mother's Day orders.

  • Estimate International Shipping Fees

    Express Delivery, LLC's Shipping Cost Calculator is a handy way to estimate the total cost of shipping from the Express Delivery, LLC hubs to your home. We even include guaranteed tax and duty cost in our calculation.

  • Let Express Delivery, LLC Send Gifts Directly to Mom

    You spent a lot of time finding Mom a great gift, so let Express Delivery, LLC take care of shipping. All you have to do is send an online order to any of the Express Delivery, LLC hubs. When it arrives, release the package to Mom's delivery address.*

  • We'll Take Care of Customs Paperwork

    Take the guesswork out of customs fees and paperwork, and let Express Delivery, LLC handle payment for taxes and duties on your Mother's Day purchases.

Have fun shopping!

Sources: NerdWallet, DealsPlus, DealNews, History. * Please refer to our Prohibited Items list for products that cannot be internationally shipped with Express Delivery, LLC.

*For international shipping only. Packages cannot be shipped domestically from our hubs.