How Express Delivery, LLC works

Get around shipping restrictions once and for all. When an online retailer doesn't ship to your country, just use Express Delivery, LLC. Register for a free account, and instantly get your own international forwarding addresses to use with online retailers. You can buy what you want from your favorite brands around the world, taking advantage of the sales and promotions that come with it.

Get Started!

Let's get to the point. Here's how Express Delivery, LLC makes international shipping possible no matter where you live.

1. Sign up with Express Delivery, LLC

Signing up with Express Delivery, LLC is free. When you open an account, you'll instantly get your own US, UK, Hong Kong and German addresses to use at checkout with online retailers. You can start using them right away.

2. Shop Anywhere

Whether you're looking for the latest product release, hunting for a bargain or searching for something unique, use Express Delivery, LLC to shop your favorite stores and discover new ones.

Found something you like? Use our Shipping Cost Calculator to estimate the delivery cost to your country. If a store won't accept your payment method, no worries! You can use Express Delivery, LLC's Shopping Concierge.

3. Ship to Express Delivery, LLC

At checkout, enter your corresponding Express Delivery, LLC address as your delivery address. For example, if buying in the USA, you would use your Express Delivery, LLC USA address, When your packages arrive to our export facility, we'll send you an email notification.

4. Save on Shipping

Hooray! Your packages arrived to our warehouse. Now you can log in to your Express Delivery, LLC account and manage your order. With services from Express Delivery, LLC, you can select money-saving options and release your shipment when you're ready.

Home Delivery

Depending on the method of shipping, receive your packages in as little as 3 days after shipment release.

Shop smart

As an international buyer, Express Delivery, LLC gives you access to services that save time and money. Shop and ship hassle-free whenever you want.

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    Shop hundreds of brands and products you already love and discover new ones. With Express Delivery, LLC, get what you want no matter where you live.

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