Why Did My Express Delivery, LLC USA Address Change?

We're making big improvements to Express Delivery, LLC services. On September 9, 2017, we moved our export facility from Dayton, Ohio to a larger warehouse in Lockbourne, Ohio.

  • Where can I find the new address? The new address can be found in the "My suite addresses" section of your Express Delivery, LLC dashboard. Your unique suite number has not changed.
  • When should I start using the new hub address? Immediately. All future shipments should be addressed to your new Lockbourne, Ohio hub address.
  • I currently have shipments being delivered to the Dayton, Ohio hub. What do I do? Your shipments will be redirected and arrive safely at our new location. Just log in to your account to release your shipments as usual. For future purchases, don't forget to use the new hub address at checkout when shopping with retailers.